The sad story of the harmful single-use plastic straw: A process involving gas, crude oil, and coal go into creating and delivering a straw to us the consumer. The Product is used once, then it gets tossed. Unfortunately the story continues.

The straw may end up as marine pollution, causing devastation to the charismatic marine critters that we all know and love. A straw may only seem like a small amount of plastic waste, so minor that it won’t have any impact on the natural environment- but look at what one straw can do….

A filthy10cm plastic straw removed from the nostril of an Olive Ridley Sea Turtle by researchers in Costa Rica. Source: Chris Figgener



I know many of you are thinking “that’s not my straw I put mine in the bin!” Great, that means best case scenario the straw goes to landfill where it will contribute to carbon and methane production, now say hello to the changing climate.

A crummy fact about straws is that most of them contain bisphenol A (better known as BPA), which is a pretty controversial chemical known to disrupt the human hormone system. Why increase our exposure to unnecessary potential harm? Especially for a piece of crap plastic straw.

 I am a cold drink lover, and my precious western upbringing has made me accustomed to straws, so I always make sure to have a stainless steel one in my handbag ready to go wherever I am. Please don’t praise single-use paper straws as being a viable alternative, they still take resources to make and they won’t be recycled. Reusable stainless steel or glass straws are the absolute best way to go, and can be purchased at most health food stores, or to purchase online, click here. YAY for sustainable alternatives 🙂


We have the power to make this problem go away, all it takes is remembering to say “no straw please” after ordering a cold drink. Now everybody repeat after me….

“Vodka lime and soda, no straw please!”

“Iced latte, no straw please”

“Lemonade, no straw please!”