There was a time in my life when I used plastic wrap (cling-wrap, glad-wrap etc.) thoughtlessly. I’d use it to wrap up half an avocado or lunch sandwiches, heck sometimes I’d double wrap stuff. Nothing like cloaking food in disposable plastic to ensure proper containment and everlasting freshness.

I was a total plastic fiend…


 Why I kicked the plastic wrap habit:

a) The thin tacky plastic becomes obsolete after a single use
b) It’s non recyclable in most instances
c) I’d rather avoid the cardboard packaging it comes in; so I can alleviate deforestation, pressures on our resource and all that jazz.

Cutting the cling wrap was strange, but I trooped on with jars and containers.

Recently I was given a product that would have made the transition away from plastic infinitely more convenient…

Living in the Noosa hinterland on a self sustained property is an inspirational, environmentally conscious ‘Devine’ family. The Devine family hand make a product using certified organic cotton cloth which is ifused with a mix of locally sourced beeswax, coconut and jojoba oil. Their product is called the Bee Eco Wrap.


These luxurious wraps behave in a similar way to typical plastic wrap: thin, malleable, clingy, water resistant, seals in freshness and contains food. The wraps are reusable for up to a year (though admittedly I’ve only had mine for two weeks) and then once the wraps are no longer able to fulfill their food storage duties they are entirely compostable. From a superficial perspective, the variety of cheeky vintage inspired prints are seductive enough to rip most people out of the unsustainable plastics wrap habit.


11380251_995565673809604_1747667032_nThe weather is pretty cold at the moment (so says every Australian), which has slightly stiffened my wraps, but with just a little bit of warming up in my hands they become nice and malleable again. I love the sturdiness of this product and it’s versatility, while I wouldn’t call it a “zero waste essential” it is definitely a fun, sustainable and non-intimidating way to drastically reduce food storage waste. Like anything reusable there are a some care considerations to increase the lifespan of the product e.g. only wash them with cold water, and no direct contact with citrus and meat. The wraps can be purchased via the Bee Eco website, comes with only a small amount of recyclable packaging and the Devines offer free shipping within Australia.

I know a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of plastic out there, especially since the plastic free July challenge has started. What I love so much about this products is that it’s a gentle, fun and easy ‘gateway’ product into a zero waste and plastic free lifestyle + it’s supporting a business with beautiful environmental practices.