Why I make my own deodorant

  •   Most supermarket deodorants come in plastic packaging, which probably won’t be recycled.
  • There are some controversial ingredients found in mainstream deodorants: I encourage you to do your own research on this (especially ladies).
  • Handmade deodorant smells way better! I can put in any essential oils I want! If I want to smell like coconut- I can, if I want to smell like cinnamon and vanilla, I can.
  •  Guaranteed no animal testing. I don’t think I need explain why this is a positive

Some zero wasters are hard-core; using just bicarb soda as deodorant with a spice shaker to assist with dispensing. It sounds funny but it’s effective, simple, and easy. I am not that badass, but if you are, that’s awesome. Embrace that.
My recipe…
2 x Tablespoons of coconut oil (antibacterial and antifungal properties, nourishes the skin+ it smells really good).
2 x Tablespoons of bicarb soda (works as your antiperspirant).
1 x tablespoon of cocoa butter (this is for solidifying the deodorant and nourishes the skin).
10 x drops of lavender oil (soothing, antibacterial, readily available and smells awesome). Or any essential oil you like the smell of.

To make this recipe zero waste; buy in bulk where possible (bicarb and cocoa), return the jars where the business will accept them (essential oils), re-use and recycle your glass jars (coconut oil).

Melt cocoa and coconut oil; use a pot on low heat, or a makeshift double boiler- up to you.
Take off the heat and add the bicarb soda and the essential oils. Mix well and then pour into your chosen jar or tin and let it set (I use an old zippo tin). So simple.

  •  If you want more: just double the recipe- keeping the proportions the same.
  • What I love so much about DIY products, is that they are adjustable- If the weather gets warmer (which is happening quickly on the Gold Coast) increases the bicarb soda and reduce the coconut oil.