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Conservation Through Lifestyle

Kicking the Destructive Microbead Habit

These microbeads should actually be referred to as microplastics. Using these products and rinsing them down the drain is littering, the plastic won’t biodegrade. One of the main offenders for containing microbeads are the popular exfoliating face washes, with some face washes containing over 300,000 beads per bottle (that’s a lot of plastic). These microbeads are guaranteed to become plastic pollution within our oceans, and will possibly enter the mouth.. Read More

Natural & Zero Waste Deodorant Recipe

Why I make my own deodorant   Most supermarket deodorants come in plastic packaging, which probably won’t be recycled. There are some controversial ingredients found in mainstream deodorants: I encourage you to do your own research on this (especially ladies). Handmade deodorant smells way better! I can put in any essential oils I want! If I want to smell like coconut- I can, if I want to smell like cinnamon.. Read More

Zero Waste Food Shopping

Food packaging was once my main source of waste. After discovering bulk food stores I’ve learned that with a little bit of preparation, packaging is easily avoidable. Many people think they don’t live near bulk food stores, and once upon a time I would have thought the exact same thing, but it wasn’t until I started looking that I discovered bulk food is everywhere. This aspect of waste reduction takes.. Read More

Vodka lime & soda, NO straw please!

The sad story of the harmful single-use plastic straw: A process involving gas, crude oil, and coal go into creating and delivering a straw to us the consumer. The Product is used once, then it gets tossed. Unfortunately the story continues. The straw may end up as marine pollution, causing devastation to the charismatic marine critters that we all know and love. A straw may only seem like a small.. Read More

The Bee Eco Wrap Lifehack: Say NO to single use plastic!

 There was a time in my life when I used plastic wrap (cling-wrap, glad-wrap etc.) thoughtlessly. I’d use it to wrap up half an avocado or lunch sandwiches, heck sometimes I’d double wrap stuff. Nothing like cloaking food in disposable plastic to ensure proper containment and everlasting freshness. I was a total plastic fiend…  Why I kicked the plastic wrap habit: a) The thin tacky plastic becomes obsolete after a.. Read More

Zero Waste & Plastic Free Personal Care

Plastic Free July is here!   At first I thought a month without plastic was a lame idea, and true change needs a lifestyle adjustment not a short phase. I then remembered that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. If people can stop using throw away plastic for an entire month, then they would have formed some positive life & planet changing habits. So yeah, I’m all.. Read More

Zero Waste Fruit and Veggies

The Old and Trashy way to Shop for Fruit and Vegetables Picture this: Go to the nearest large supermarket, enter the “fresh” produce section, now look for seemingly good value; don’t really give a crap where in the world the produce comes from, not really our concern is it? Put my two oranges in a plastic bag, then grab a pre-wrapped and weighed sweet potato, now place the plastic sleeve.. Read More

Introducing Turtle’s Bite

Hi, My name’s Brodie and I’ve created a life with zero trash. I love the natural environment, and I have a good understanding of the crappy things we do to the planet, I just want to activly minimise my contribution to the mess. Many of the resources we take for granted are overused, often not even needed, frequently made obsolete, then tossed to landfill, it just seems so senseless. I’m.. Read More